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Papillion Furniture is a leading Australian Made Manufacturer focusing on Quality and Service on all products.  Papillion Furniture started about 10 years ago as a small business manufacturing furniture to specific designs in those days. Now Papillion has branched out into specific areas within furniture and maintains that strong uniqueness about its pieces. Individually handcrafted furniture that maintains the high quality, superior comfort and discreet form of elegance, it stands by.

As one of the few manufacturers existing in Melbourne as a completely hand manufactured business, we take pride and care in our work as each piece is individually crafted to perfection through each stage of production.

Developing an image in quality customised pieces within the commercial and residential industry, we strive to create furniture that is built to last.

With workmanship based in Melbourne, the greatest advantage to our clients is the opportunity to personalise and customise the product to suit specific requirements, such as spacial restrictions and comfort.

Using only the best quality materials to build our products, and a wide range of fabric choices from the worlds leading fabric houses. We take the advantage to give you a 15 year guarantee on all products.